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Barrel Liner Kit

Barrel Liner Kit

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Protect your oak barrels and conserve water with our fit for purpose Barrel Liner Kits

Prevent rot

Preserve your oak barrel planters by placing a liner between the soil and the timber.

Preserve water

The liner prevents water from being soaked into the timber and evaporating away.

Drain freely

Our specially designed drain tubes and mesh ensure that the planter will drain at an optimum rate.

Environmentally friendly

Our plant and food safe Barrel Liner Kits are made from recyclable materials.


  • Heavy Duty 100 micron liner
  • Specifically designed to fit oak barrel planters
  • Easy to use
  • Built with recyclable materials
  • Plant and food safe material
  • UV resistant
  • Quality product made in New Zealand
  • Each kit consists of:
    - 1 heavy duty plastic liner
    - 3 drain tubes
    - 3 pieces of mesh
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