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Barrel Feet

Barrel Feet

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Protect your deck or tiles and increase the life of your planters

OAKENZ Barrel Feet are designed to help reduce planter rot and lift your pots off the ground in a stylish way.

By lifting your pots and barrels off the ground you protect your deck or tiles from pooling water that can cause nasty staining over time.


Add style to your home or workplace with these smart yet functional barrel feet.


By lifting your pots and barrels off the ground you allow water to flow away freely, avoiding any pooling underneath that will cause nasty staining over time.

Indoor or Outdoor

Our barrel feet are UV resistant and are built tough to handle the harsh outdoor elements.

Environmentally Friendly

Our barrel feet are made from recycled material.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Great for almost any planter or pot
  • Protect your deck or tiles 
  • UV Resistant
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Quality product made in New Zealand
  • Made with recycled polypropylene
  • Comes in a set of 3
  • Choice of colours



Size:           4.7 L x 1.7 W x 2.8 H (inches),

                  12 L x 4.5 W x 7 H (cm),

Weight:     0.13 lb each, 0.4 lb total for a set of 3

                  60 g each, 180 g total for a set of 3

These feet are designed to be light weight in construction yet sturdy and strong. They are durable and can hold over 80kg each. When placed under barrels they give a solid appearance, enhance the look of the barrel and provide protection to your deck or patio.

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