Oak Barrel Accessories

We specialise in products that help preserve and enhance your oak barrels and planters

Barrel Feet

OAKENZ Barrel Feet protect your deck or tiles from stains and allows airflow, which increases the life of your planter.

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Barrel Liner Kits

OAKENZ Barrel Liner Kits are specifically designed to fit oak barrel planters. Our environmentally friendly kits help prevent rot and preserve water by reducing evaporation.

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Barrel Folk Figurines

Barrel Folk resin figurines are designed to sit in the side of your pots and planters. They are equally comfortable on other surfaces such as shelves and steps. New styles will be added to allow you to choose the right art to suit your garden.


Quality you can trust

OAKENZ Products are:

  • Sustainable

    Made from recycled and recyclable materials

  • UV Resistant

    Built tough to handle the outdoor environment

  • Plant and Food Safe

    Quality materials are used to ensure safety

  • Quality

    New Zealand made with quality in mind

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About us

OAKENZ is a New Zealand based company with a passion for oak barrels and planters. The team has been involved in the wine barrel industry for over 20 years and have developed a range of products aimed at helping preserve and enhance the life of barrels and planters. Oakenz has a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. Our products are made from recycled materials, assist with water conservation and extend the life cycle of oak barrels and planters

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